CDN Dock Shoxs (sold as a set)

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These 16” rigid Dock Shoxs are made of quality materials and are very adaptable to different Dock situations. They are great for daytime use, being easy to use and easy to store. Sold as a set (2 shoxs).

Standard Size – 16” Standard Size for fishing and runabouts boats


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These 16” rigid Dock Shoxs are made of quality materials and are very adaptable to different Dock situations. They are great for daytime use and marina mooring, being easy to use and easy to store. Sold in as a set (2 Shoxs).

Standard – 16” Standard Size for fishing and runabouts boats

Additional information

Weight 0.642 kg
Dimensions 43 × 6 × 3 cm

10 reviews for CDN Dock Shoxs (sold as a set)

  1. Derek Praz

    This is a Great Canadian Made Product.
    They hold you Boat steady and away from the dock to prevent Damage.
    You will not be disappointed. As well they Don’t Break The Bank

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    I bought these items for my boat this summer and used them at several different locations. They work great, and are much easy than always having to tie the boat up and hang fenders. I use them mostly when unloading and loading my boat. You will find that some docks work better than others. I like them and would buy them again. Bob

  3. Stuart

    Hi Dale
    My wife Jennifer just got an email checking if we received the order. Yes we received them Tuesday.
    They are different than what I expected. I did not expect carabiner ends. Was thinking they had open hooks and were able to attach to the dock or a hole in the stick shaft. I rechecked the website and see both versions.
    Do you carry both?


    • dale.r (verified owner)

      Hello Stuart, I was making them with the hook end, but switched to the carabiner hook as its more secure. With more Aluminum docks they work great. But the bungees can be changed out to what ever type you want. They will wear in time also so check an eye on them. Cdn Tire might have what your looking for. Hope that answer your question. Dale

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Mine came fast upon ordering set. Love them they look awesome, waiting now for ice to melt.

  5. Mike Mooney

    How do they work, does the bungy cord go around the cleat of the dock and the other end attach to the boat, if so why two hooks, and the price is per unit, three dock cleats three units, sounds like a great product.

    • dale.r (verified owner)

      Hello Mike, Thanks for your inquiry. The way the dockshoxs work is the loop end goes thru your boat cleat 1 at the front cleat and another dockshox loop end on the rear cleat. Your then attach the carabiner hooks in opposite directions at the dock if possible. Lots of docks now have aluminum truces that your can stretch the hooks out to, that works great. or attach any which way possible. If the dock only has cleats on it, put the hooks thru the cleat and wraps around cleat until tight then hook together, this also works If you have your own dock then you can set it up to be properly positions to hold your boat nicely away from the dock and letting it rock in the water. hope this helps your out in understanding how they work,, I do have a short video on my site also showing different setups. Dale

  6. Russel V (verified owner)

    Ibought a set from you out a Wabamum last year, they work awesome might have to get a set with the new carabiner hooks on them.

  7. Darcy (verified owner)

    I have a set of these, they work great for when friends show up at the dock. Thanks for the set

  8. Dave tronchin

    am i missing the video that shows an actual attachment to the dock. the only video i see is a boat sitting in the water at a dock with the shoxs already attached, doesn’t do much good to see them already attached.

    • dale.r (verified owner)

      As soon as we can get back on the water there will be new videos showing attachment to a dock

  9. dale.r (verified owner)

    I have my boat docked with these in the Cold Lake Marina. Love them 👍
    Andy H.

  10. Bill Deyo

    Do these shoxs come in different colours? Can they be picked up in Edmonton to save on shipping?

    • dale.r (verified owner)

      They are Red with either her black or blue bungee cords.

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